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Click on the wallpapers to see them in full size.

Public notice

Sorry i haven't been updating this site. 

I just don't have the time to keep this up to date

Plus the pay is a bitch

So, i'm out of the game, there will be no more updates from now on

Map Wallpapers (50 Followers Celebrating Post)

Hell yeah. I got 50 followers. Going for the 100 now

The 50th follower has his own blog. Hit the jump to see the link to his blog and the wallpapers of course

Naval Warfare Wallpapers

I'm sorry, the resolution of these is kinda messed up, they're not so big, i'll try to find better ones

Naval Warfare Wallpaper 1
Naval Warfare Wallpaper 2
Naval Warfare Wallpaper 3

Spheres Wallpapers (Balls are touching edition)

These balls are touching, so you know what that means

Spheres Wallpaper 1
Spheres Wallpaper 2
Spheres Wallpaper 3 

Hip-Hop (Snoop Dogg Edition) Wallpapers

It's the biggest boss in the whole world, SNOOP DOGG

Hip-Hop (Snoop Dogg Edition) Wallpaper 1
Hip-Hop (Snoop Dogg Edition) Wallpaper 2
Hip-Hop (Snoop Dogg Edition) Wallpaper 3